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Rosenbaum’s Landscaping and Nursery is a family
owned company that began in 1982 with a dream.

Along with that dream was the dedication, determination and desire to provide quality professional landscaping services with a high level of customer service. We specialize in creative landscape designs involving the use of stone, brick, marble, water features, plant materials and lawn installation.

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Let us design and build the perfect escape so you can cherish your life at home with the people you care about most.

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Make It A Mindset

In a world where everyone says they are busy -...

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Make It A Mindset

In a world where everyone says they are busy - wearing it as a gold medal around their neck like an Olympic athlete – like the busier we are, the better we are. And it’s true, many of us are...

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Thanks to your landscaping abilities, you have been able to incorporate some of our ideas and create what some people have referred to as a beautiful estate. What was once an ordinary cornfield, is now a showplace. People are still inquiring as to who did the job, even after 7 years. We also appreciate the additions and maintenance during that time.

George & Edna Derr

Quality service... quality people! I highly recommend Rosenbaum's Landscaping.

Todd Smith

We are very pleased with Rosenbaums Landscaping's ability to visualize and create ideas that have enhanced the southern design of our home. They were involved with our residential construction project from the beginning, helping us to maximize our view and keep the southern design of our home intact.

Mic & Susan Starr

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