In a world where everyone says they are busy – wearing it as a gold medal around their neck like an Olympic athlete – like the busier we are, the better we are. And it’s true, many of us are very busy; life in general is busy. We get it; being a small business run by family is a full-time job and then some.

But when we replace being busy with real rest, restoration, family time, fellowship, worship, prayer, fun, experiences, we miss out on being fulfilled, restored, rested, filled, loved, cultured, grounded, lifted.

If we could make it a mindset to seek balance, to work hard when it’s time to work and rest hard when it’s time to rest. To seek fulfilling relationships and be fully present during family time; our phones down and put away. If we could make it a mindset that it doesn’t have to be just one, either or, rather it can be both.

With an opportunity to get away to Florida, the Rosenbaum family tried to do just that. We had slow mornings with coffee on the back patio overlooking the channel, we had early mornings to head out fishing, walking, and biking. We ate out and stayed in, played card games and even a little competitive mini golf. We spent a day at the beach, celebrated a birthday, and sunbathed by the pool. To be in a different place out of our normal routines was refreshing and to be intentional with our time together (whether working or playing) was good for our family unit.


Well, you caught me. I did say working, because if you know anything about us Rosenbaums it’s that we are doers. So, while away in Florida we did work to keep life moving and our responsibilities covered, but we also played. This is the beauty of the ever-sought-after word, BALANCE.

Although, we as a family have not perfected that term, I think it’s safe to say we will focus on it more in the coming year. The reality is, balance makes us better because we are more filled, more rested, more energized and refreshed. This in turn allows us to work harder, go after our goals faster, have clarity, push through more; It enables us to finish what we started well.

So, whatever you’re doing, we urge you to seek balance, re-center, and get refreshed so that you can return to it more focused, more filled, more passionate than when you started. Join us in making it a mindset – Here’s to a new year!



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