Plant life designed to enhance your life

We all need a place to escape from our busy lives and enjoy the beauty that nature brings. The purpose of plants is to not only bring color and texture to your landscape but they are meant to compliment your lifestyle and show who you are before people enter your home.

We believe the key to a beautiful enduring landscape begins with a precise approach to planning for present and future enjoyment. A well thought-out softscape seamlessly combines horticultural details with hardscape elements to create your dream outdoor living space.


Our professional designs focus on key factors such as: plant hardiness, lighting and watering needs, average growth size, blooming habits, and foliage color for a balanced, year around landscape.


Trees act as the natural architecture of your home. Aesthetically they provide height and depth to your landscape, while functionally adding shade, color, and character to a space.


Shrubbery comes in all shapes and sizes, from lush evergreens to classic boxwoods. The key to a beautifully balanced landscape is coordinating your shrubbery for every season. With our vast plant knowledge, we will design a landscape that amazes no matter the climate.


Perennials add color and brilliance to a space. They are used to fill in the gaps between feature landscape pieces and often attract birds and butterflies that fill your space with tranquil sights and sounds.


Lawns are often a homeowners pride and joy, and for good reason. A professionally manicured lawn not only makes your home the envy of the neighborhood, but gives your family additional outdoor space to explore and enjoy.

5 stars for sure! I would highly recommend this place and look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Ellen Fisher