A private resort only a few steps away

Pools and spas add tremendous value to your property. Whether you want your home to be the kid’s hangout or the adult’s getaway, water has a natural way of enhancing the beauty of a space and bringing people together.

A precise approach to planning and design is the difference between the extraordinary and the ordinary.


When you decide you want a pool, this is not a decision to enter lightly. After all, the pool will most likely become the primary outdoor feature of your yard. With proper planning, your pool will not only hold many memories but also add significant value to your home.


Design First Approach

While a pool company may be experts at installing pools, they overlook key elements of design that are crucial to planning a beautiful outdoor living space. With a design first approach our aim is to work hand-in-hand with the pool company to create a seamless and functional outdoor living paradise.



Defining Landscape Architecture

Our company will not simply install a pool in your yard. Our professional team will design a visually appealing and meaningful getaway that compliments your home and lifestyle. With the pool as the centerpiece, and a plan for every other detail, we create spaces that bring people together and are built for years of enjoyment.

Quality service... quality people! I highly recommend Rosenbaum's Landscaping.

Todd Smith