Have you ever stopped to think about what you believe in? What are the things you pursue, are convicted about, or even set as a standard for yourself? The team at Rosenbaum’s Landscaping and Nursery would like to share with you some of the things that drive our actions, our mindset and how we go about doing business.

Formally, we call these things our mission, vision, and values statements. Informally, these are the things we feel most passionately about. So, let’s dig in!


To us, quality is not an act, it is a habit. With a resolve to do things right the first time, we are determined to create functional and timeless outdoor living spaces that encourage fellowship among family and friends. Designed with passion, crafted to perfection, finished with integrity.


To enrich the lives of those who encounter our landscapes


Driven by passion and rooted in integrity, we are focused on providing exceptional landscapes that bring people together.

If you didn’t catch it, we have a few prevalent themes: quality, integrity, and fellowship.

Quality is not only an important factor in the landscaping industry, but to us it’s personal. We want to design and install every hardscape or provide a different service to the best of our ability.

Integrity is what we want you, as the customer, to see through our processes; from the beginning of the project to the ending. We want you to witness this not only through our interactions with you, but also in the way we interact with each other.

Fellowship is what we want you to experience in the space we created for you. Whether it is finding company in family, companionship in friends, or just being with yourself, we want your new space to encourage the best of parties, celebrations, and sometimes silence.

We feel it is important to share with you these beliefs so that when you are vetting us for the first time or returning to us as a loyal customer, you know what we are all about!

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What We Believe