We’ve got two words to describe the Eisenhower project to you: Purely Landscaping.

Another two: Easily Accomplished.

Ending on: Super Beautiful.

“We believe that not all things have to be complicated to be beautiful.”

And here’s why…

The homeowners of the Eisenhower project just built their house on a corner lot in a newly developed area 10 minutes from the center of town. They called us to discuss a landscape design because they felt this would elevate their house and help transform it into a home.

Being on the corner lot made their home the perfect showstopper as people drove past to enter their community. In our design we implemented a 360 degree perspective which means, that no matter what angle you look at this house, there is landscaping to add color, texture, height, and depth.

During the planning phase, the homeowners expressed their need for easily maintainable plants but colorful and impactful. Because we grow many of our own perennials, we were able to walk them through our nursery so they could see – and feel—what plants were in our design. With their approval and excitement, we moved full steam ahead.

Some of the materials used on this project were:

Low Maintenance Perennials – Coneflowers, Knockout Roses, Autumn Joy Sedum, Variegated Boxwoods, Hosta, Hyssop, Spilled Wine Weigela, Columnar Yew, Coreopsis and many others.

Landscape Bed Coverage – Riverstone was the preferred material because it requires less year-over-year maintenance and provides better drainage.

Since we had all the materials at our Nursery, our crews could get started almost immediately and finish within a few weeks or less. So, in a short amount of time we get to witness a lot of transformation; taking a blank plot of land with a house and turning it into a space that welcomed guest as they entered the front door, greeted passerby’s from the landscape bed with a bird bath, and provided privacy for the homeowners as they relaxed on their back deck.

Our 360 landscape design made all the difference in turning this house into a home – giving it the feeling of warmth and establishment and the ability to hold all of the family’s memories for years to come.



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Project Highlight: The Eisenhower House