It was mid-July last summer and 90 degrees at the peak of the day. Our crew arrived on site to remove an old sidewalk and replace it with a herringbone paver walkway.

That day, the air was stale, like we needed a good rain, but you could never tell based on the way our clients flower gardens were bursting with life and color. There were dahlias and zinnias, sunflowers and lavender peaking out, almost as if they wanted to see what our crew was doing.

The scope of the project was to remove the old sidewalk and replace it with a patterned paver walkway that would direct guests from the driveway to the entry or to the back of the house. On this site, if you didn’t enter the front door, the walkway would wind around the corner of the home and invite you to continue through the bursting gardens to the back outdoor living space.

The Windy Way project is a true example of how landscaping and hardscaping should work together to seamlessly create a space that you enjoy. It should:

  • Enhance what already exists
  • Draw you outdoors and make nature discoverable
  • Meet your needs without compromising beauty or sustainability

Our clients got it right… they wanted an updated walkway to direct their guest, make their gardens accessible, and connect the front of the house with the back. This layout encourages exploration and functionality, and flawlessly combines these two features into one space.



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Project Highlight: The Windy Way