Have you ever thought about what people notice as soon as they arrive to your house? Is it the landscaping, the lawn, the front door or maybe a combination of all three? Have you ever felt that small things go unnoticed but, most often, create the biggest impact and leave the best impressions?

We’ve observed this trend to but, rest assure that any update to your home, no matter the scale, is a good improvement – one worth noting and being proud of.

That leads us to a project we recently finished this spring at the Pineapple House. The folks who live here are the ideal client—they are understanding, supportive, friendly, and encouraging. They perfectly embody the definition of welcoming and, because a pineapple symbolizes hospitality, we thought this was the perfect name for their project!

Anyway, the job they wanted complete was a revamp of their walkway. The home had an existing walkway, made from concrete, that connected the driveway to the front porch. Although functional, it wasn’t very welcoming. So, we designed a walkway that not only directed people from their driveway to their front porch but, also from the neighborhood sidewalk to their homes front entrance. Talk about connecting your home to your community!

When selecting the material, our landscape designer chose a stone that accentuated the facade of their home and a pattern that worked well with the rest of their curb appeal. Keep in mind, these two considerations can make or break a project design because, like a puzzle, you are piecing together a bigger picture and unless each piece is in the right spot, the result is scattered and unfinished.

If you’re planning a hardscape project around your home, take a peek at the advice we share below ranked from most important to least important:

  1. The symmetry of design: Does the design of the walkway enhance the natural curvature of your property and does it usher people to the right spaces for fellowship?
  2. The color of the material: Does the color of the material compliment the exterior of your home?
  3. The texture of the product: Does the texture of the product seem too busy that it’s distracting or too simple that it goes unnoticed?
  4. The pattern being displayed: Does the pattern reflect your taste and the style you are striving for?

The more we do what we love, the more we realize that a homeowners landscaping is an extension of their home and their mission. Just as our clients are gifted with hospitality, they wanted their home to reflect that mission and leave an impression with a welcoming walkway.

So, consider…what is your mission? What impression does your home leave? Do you naturally embody a certain gift or talent?  Are you sharing those talents with your community? Whatever the answer to these questions, be mindful that everyone is in a different season so there is no right or wrong answer. Also consider that the folks who live at the Pineapple House had to practice their mission of hospitality. In the end, be encouraged to explore your skills, define your mission and apply it to your home improvements no matter the scale of the project.

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Project Highlight: The Pineapple House