Show of hands… who loves a good refresh?

In our experience, a refresh can take on multiple forms from renovating a room, reviving a forgotten project, updating the exterior of your home, even getting a new haircut. But the consistent factors in all these scenarios is that a good refresh takes courage to start, persistence to finish, and the understanding that it is a process.

So, let’s start at the beginning of this refresh…

The Fresh Farmhouse project started with the ripping out of old plants and pavers from the pre-existing front landscaping. Before, the walkway was curved and made from a concrete paver while most of the plants were old and overgrown.

In keeping with the original charm of the home, our design team accentuated features like, the lovely front porch and the brick chimney. We accomplished this by straightening the walkway to compliment the natural symmetry of the home, adding timeless perennials like lavender, boxwoods, hydrangeas, and roses, and mixing the coverage material with a balance of river stone and mulch.


The final request of the homeowners was easy maintenance. This allowed us to decrease the lawn area and increase the landscaping space. Taking the homeowners request one step further, our crew added in drip irrigation which allows our clients to water their plants by turning on the hose and setting a timer. Now that’s what we call effortless landscape care!

At the end of the refresh process…

We transformed the exterior of a charming farmhouse and brought life back into the entire structure. Now when you pull into the driveway, you are ushered toward the entrance by a chevron patterned brick walkway and greeted by boxwoods all along the way. By the time you reach the door, you feel welcomed; you feel the origins of the home; you feel like family. And this is what we are all about, creating spaces that meld into your lifestyle, bring friends and family together, and refresh the structure of the place you call home.

If you are thinking about tackling your own home refresh, check out the advice we share below:

  • Add river stone to areas in your landscaping that need to drain water. This will not only act as a natural canal for excess water but it will save money because it won’t wash away like mulch, pine needles, or lighter coverage materials.
  • Choose a paver pattern that compliments the style of your home. In this case, we chose to do a brick chevron bordered with a straight edge because the client wanted something timeless and original to the structure of their home.
  • Mix the perennials that you plant between evergreens and flowering shrubs. This will create natural dimension and texture allowing your landscaping to look beautiful in all seasons.

If you’re hesitant to pull the trigger on your own refresh project, don’t be! Hopefully these words from our clients will reassure your doubts and give you a peace of mind about the process:

“Rosenbaum’s Landscaping was very helpful in selecting the right plants for the location. They were well equipped to do the job professionally and their employees were respectful and kept our property clean. We really enjoy looking at the beautiful landscaping and have received lots of positive comments!”

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Project Highlight: The Fresh Farmhouse