Raise your hand if you love golf. Raise your hand if you love entertaining. Raise your hand if you wish you could do both at your own home at the same time. If you agreed with two of these statements, the Clubhouse project is for you.


Upon our arrival, the space was overtaken by mature shade bearing trees which resulted in patchy grass. The previously installed patio was outdated, and the outdoor kitchen needed a face lift. Funny thing is, twelve years ago we installed the original patio and kitchen and because of our long-standing relationship with the homeowners and our desire to finish a project with integrity, they brought us back to upgrade and enhance their space.

Something to always remember and even value is that, if done correctly, landscaping will stand the test of time and function according to the season of life you are in.



Once we finished the project, the space was completely transformed. The trees were removed and replaced with a putting green; the old patio pavers were ripped out and marble laid; the kitchen got a new layout with a minifridge and grill; and the firepit was installed to ensure entertaining could happen well after the sun goes down.

The First step in our landscaping process is demo day! We had to uproot trees, shrubbery, grass, remove the old patio and kitchen, and relocate the pergola for future use.

Second, we had to level the ground for the new patio and walkways and oscillate the sections of lawn where the putting green would be installed.

The process of oscillation is determining the dips and valleys of the terrain that cause the ball to roll in unexpected directions. Although this was a challenge, our Operations Manager figured it out and our team executed perfectly!

Third, after the patio and walkways were laid, we had a team resurface the kitchen island, install new counter tops and get the appliances up and running. Parallel to the kitchen, the fire-pit insert was wired and the exterior was finalized.

Fourth, once the machinery was removed from the site, we added landscaping and lighting around the putting green, patio, and walkways to make the space coherent and safe.

Because of the scale of the project, we consistently had a crew and machinery on site for three months. Not to worry!  During construction, we do our very best to communicate our process with the homeowners so they feel there is a balance between construction and regular life.

In the end, although this project took longer than anticipated, it was done right, and the homeowners couldn’t be happier with the end result. They now not only have a space that compliments the stage of life they are in, but a space that will provide them with a lifetime of entertainment and enjoyment.


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Project Highlight: The Clubhouse