If you’re like most of us, you need a visual when making big decisions around your home. You like to see what it will look like before you commit and when “turning back” is no longer an option. We get it! And you aren’t alone.

No matter if you’re in the plan and dream phase of your project or the design and build phase, we want to encourage you to do the research so that you feel confident in your decisions and selections for the project.

To help with that, we’ve put together a list of our visual resources that will kick-start, direct, and solidify the choices you’ve made for the project at hand.

Our Website  http://www.rosenbaumslandscaping.com

Exploring our website will give you an idea of the projects we have worked on in the past and give insight into who we are and what we believe as a business. This will tell you that we have over 35 years of industry experience, are a second-generation company, and we believe in doing it right the first time.

We also have a page called “Get Started” which will help you determine the scope, scale, budget, and timeframe of your project. Once you fill out the form, it will get sent to our team and someone will follow up with you. Pretty easy if you ask me!

On the Blog  http://www.rosenbaumslandscaping.com/blog/

Signing up to receive our emails and reading our blog will keep you in tune with what’s happening in and around our company. Every month we publish blogs on various topics – from plant care tricks, to landscaping tips, to project highlights and company news. Any way we can take our knowledge and share it with you, we will!

Another reason why you should receive our emails is because you will be the first to know of any material sales, special offers, or events happening around the nursery. If this sounds pretty great, head over to our blog page, scroll to the bottom, and input your name and email. We’d love to have you follow along!

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/RosenbaumsLandscapingNursery

Liking us on Facebook ensures that you will see the relatable side of who we are. We like to keep this platform realistic, fun, up-lifting and current. We will publish pictures of projects that are in process, photos of our team, run contests, and host giveaways. We not only want you to like us and be our friend – as Facebook calls it – but we want you to interact with us, support us, converse with us, reach out to us and be part of our family.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rosenbaum.landscape.nursery/ 

Following us on Instagram is a great way for you to see finished projects and witness the transformation of our work from start to finish without all the mess in between. On this platform we will publish before and after photos so that our followers can experience the instant gratification of a project by swiping.

We also use this platform to connect with other businesses in the industry like material suppliers, wholesale nurseries, lighting companies, and others. The more we can support each other, foresee industry trends, understand our customer’s needs, and build a network of reliable people around us, the better we can be and the better we can serve you.

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/rosenbaumslandscaping/_created/

Scrolling our pins is like reading a story-book with only pictures; it will help you envision the perfect space for your home with little explanation. It’s a great way to capture your tastes and style through pictures because you will inherently pin the photos you are attracted to.

With Pinterest, you can easily create custom boards that will inspire you to carefully curate your space according to your wants and needs. Pinterest gives us the ability to tap into new-found ideas, find creative solutions, and discover shareable content. Happy Pinning!

Pamphlets & Product Look-Books  Our Location: 3780 Sycamore Grove Road, Chambersburg PA 17202

Taking home and pouring over our product look-books might be an outdated practice in this digital day-and-age, but to us, there is nothing better than earmarking your favorite material, scribbling a design idea on the page and then showing us your notes for the space you’ve created in your head.

We’ve realized that everyone operates differently and articulating what you want can be hard to do without visuals and hard copies. And, although pamphlets and look-books might seem archaic to some, we believe they are valuable tools that make the client feel included in the process since they have something physical in their hand.

Indoor & Outdoor Showroom  Our Location: 3780 Sycamore Grove Road, Chambersburg PA 17202

Visiting our location is the cherry on top the sundae. We’ve spent some time explaining the different resources we have available but, until you visit our location, you won’t fully understand why we do what we do. With over 35 years of experience, our experts will not only help you dream up your project, but will usher you across the finish line as well.

Our 20-acre retail nursery will give you the means to touch and feel the plants in your design or discover new ones you didn’t even know existed. We have product on display from concrete, marble, and porcelain pavers, to a variety of landscape bed materials like mulch, large river stone, small black river stone, and others. At our location, your vision will become a reality, your dream will come to life, and all the pieces of your project that you’ve collected from various sources will all fall into place.

So, no matter the phase of your project, we encourage you to do your research, experiment with design, find your style, try new things, and ultimately dream of a space that will not only function but look beautiful as well. You know what we say, “Make home your favorite destination.”


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Our Visual Resources to Kick-Start Your Project