Have you ever wondered how businesses get started? What drives them or even what sustains them? Is it the pursuit of a dream, the passion of an individual being lived out, the wise words from generations past that formed a vision, or is it a combination of all three?

Everyone’s story may be different – different goals, drivers, and pursuits – but I am here to be an ambassador for our story today – Rosenbaum’s Landscaping and Nursery. Back in 1982, Scott Rosenbaum started Rosenbaum’s Landscaping with 1 pickup truck and a few tools.  Today, Rosenbaum’s not only offers multiple landscaping services, but also has a fully functioning retail nursery. Jumping from 1982 to 2018 leaves 36 years without explanation – let me fill in the gaps.

Even before Scott, the current President and CEO, knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur he developed his leadership skills by working on his family’s small farm which was located in Nyesville, PA. During this time, Scott learned the value of working hard and doing things right the first time. His father Philip, who was a paratrooper, taught him the importance of quality and attention to detail. His mother, Bonnie, encouraged him to give more than was expected and to always believe in your dreams.

With the growth in landscaping, Scott and April Rosenbaum knew they needed more space. In 1998 they purchased a 20-acre farm which is still the home of both our landscaping and nursery businesses.

As Scott and April raised their two sons, they instilled in them the same principles that Scott’s parents impressed on him which was the value of hard work, the difference between right and wrong, and dedication when following a dream.

In 2015, Rosenbaum’s Landscaping and Nursery became a second-generation business by way of Scott’s oldest son, Alexander. In an attempt to merge the past with the present, the company is clinging to the principles that got the business started in the first place.

As we pause to look back at our beginning as a company, we are grateful for the support that we have been given and reminded to never despise meeker beginnings.


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