Did you know… that curb appeal is one of, if not the largest influencing factors of the perceived value of any home?

Many home owners choose to focus on improving the interior of their home, often neglecting outdoor spaces. While investing into the kitchen and bathroom are great options, studies have shown that most people form an opinion of a home well before they walk through the front door. I mean, let’s be honest, when looking for a home, you want to view something that is welcoming and inviting, not something that is bland and empty.


Financially, a conservative rule of thumb is to place 10% the purchase price of your home into the landscaping. That means if you spent $150,000 on your home, your landscaping budget should be around $15,000.

Just this past year our landscaping company started working closely with a real-estate company because they realized that the homes we landscaped, sold much faster than the homes that looked unfinished. It’s the best of both worlds when we get to work with local businesses and also wow homeowners with our work!

All that being said, I hope this blog encourages you to think about ways to maximize your properties value in a way that is meaningful and sustainable for you. And, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

For those of you who think it seems unreasonable or hopeless, don’t panic! I have a few simple tips and tricks up my sleeve to improve the exterior of your home without breaking the bank. Check out the post called “Creative Ways to Landscape on a Budget.”

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Landscaping as an Investment