Every summer we try and do one out-of-the-ordinary event with our employees. It’s a time for us to fellowship and have some fun. We close the office, stop our crews from working, and enjoy a day away from the daily grind.

This year, we took our employees and their families to Hershey Park!

Upon our arrival and after touring the chocolate factory, eating a candy bar, and taking the honorary group photo, the group excitedly split up, everyone going their separate ways toward the adventure that called their name. We had groups pair off based on the type of rider they were – whether wild and limitless, conservative and mellow, or somewhere in between.

Story Highlight – 

For many of the folks that joined us, it was their first time at Hershey Park. We had one employee even bring his grandson and upon his entrance into the park, he tapped my hand and said, “What am I aloud to do here?” I looked into his excited but patience eyes and said, “Anything.” After that, he tugged at his grandpa’s hand saying, “Let’s go Pappi, let’s go!”

Finally, around lunch time, we met back up as a group to catch our breath and fill our tummies. While sitting on picnic blankets under the trees that lined the parking lot, we exchanged stories of the adventures we embraced earlier that day. In that moment, it felt like we were one large family enjoying each other’s company without a care in the world.

Before too long the group was ready for a milder round two. So, we headed to the water park and tidal pool. Finishing our day lounging by the pool, next to our coworkers, while the sun was just about to set made us pause on the work we had accomplished up until this day and the fun we had taking a break from our toils.

Together, at Hershey Park, we experienced new things, we tried new foods, and we explored new rides. We left that morning with great anticipation of everything the park could offer. That evening, we returned with tired legs, joyful hearts, and a renewed sense for soaking in every moment. It’s in these thrilling times that we realize the importance of working hard, but also having fun. You know how the saying goes, “work hard, play harder!”

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