We are firm believers in the saying, “Knowledge is Power,” but we also think that there is power in sharing, wouldn’t you agree? Well, let us start by sharing our knowledge of landscaping with you in the hopes that our passion for plants and love of landscape will become yours to.

Recently, we had a couple from Williamsport, PA message us on Facebook admiring our pictures but distressed about how to accomplish a DIY front-scape revamp. We immediately messaged them back reassuring them that we would guide them through the do’s and don’ts of their project and make suggestions on the materials they should use.

After sharing before pictures with us and understanding their needs in landscaping, we sent them a portfolio of inspiration pictures – like the gallery at the end of this post—so they could see how we utilize certain plants and shape the landscape beds in our professional designs. From this portfolio, the homeowner could directly share what plants caught their eye versus which ones didn’t.

Once we narrowed in on their “wants” for the project, we sent them a list of plants that would work in their landscaping for each season. In summary, the list looked something like this:

  • Spring: Azalea, Butterfly Bush, Clethra, Hosta, Weigela
  • Summer: Cone Flower, Variegated Liriopi, Lavendar, Saint Johns Wart, Bunny Grass
  • Fall: Autumn Joy Sedum, Salvia, Aster, Black Mondo Grass, Zebra Grass
  • Greenery: Golden Hinoki, Graham Blandy Boxwood, Soft Touch Holly, Ostrich fern

In this stage of the project it’s also important to consider the follow:

Your Budget: This portion of the project is entirely up to the home owner to decide upon. Because the project was DIY this information was not shared with us, rather it’s left to the homeowner to decide what suggested plants and materials will fit into their undisclosed budget.

Maintenance Desires: This portion of the project was discussed and the homeowner made it very clear that they wanted EASY maintenance for their front-scape. Because of this, we suggested plants that would fit their needs without limiting their style.

Once the homeowner reviewed the plant list, they went shopping – and they had a little helper too!

Another great thing about a DIY landscape project is that you can tackle the project when time allows. This homeowner was motivated to get the task done so the entire project lasted 5 weeks but, depending on your circumstance you can flex the timeline of the project to better suite your life.

After all was said and done, the homeowners were more than pleased with the outcome; they said:

“Due to location, we were unable to utilize their hands-on service…that did not stop Rosenbaum’s from assisting in our Project. They were top notch in communicating via social media for plant recommendations, bed shape, plant placement etc. I could not have done this without their help! Absolutely the best! The pictures speak for themselves.”

For us, there is nothing better than helping residents, whether near or far, achieve an outdoor living space they want to show off and can live comfortably in without compromising their budget or their style.  This should be everyone’s ultimate goal and if we can help homeowners reach that goal by sharing our knowledge of the industry in unconventional ways, then we are all for it.

After seeing these pictures and witnessing this account, we hope you are encouraged to try your own DIY landscaping project AND if you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out or swing by our location for all your plant material needs!

3780 Sycamore Grove Road, Chambersburg Pa 17202


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