Last month we celebrated a special employee—one that has been working for us for many years; one that has been through the ups and downs; one that always keeps things lively around our business.

His name is Sam and we celebrated his 80th birthday.

As a surprise, we bought balloons and cupcakes, banners and noise makers and even a pin that said “birthday boy.” Being the cranky old man that he is, he wasn’t too thrilled by the commotion that we caused because, to Sam, it was just another day. He got up at the crack of dawn, ventured to Hardee’s for his regular cup-o-joe, and made his way into work. It was just another normal day.

You see, Sam is the kind of person who appears rough and tattered on the outside from his life experiences, but on the inside – deep, deep, deep, down—there is a caring, honest, hard working old man who values each day and has lived a good life. He has a wonderful wife of many years, loves his family, and is willing to put in a long day’s work. Sam is the kind of person that can rest well at night because he has lived well that day.

To him, celebrating his 80th birthday was an inconvenience – but only because it jostled his very personal, daily routine. Instead of fixing equipment, he was eating a cupcake. Instead of cutting up a tree, he was getting his picture taken. He was in the spotlight for a few hours and to the rough exterior Sam, that was too much. But, to the soft interior Sam, it meant the world to him to be recognized and appreciated.

From all of us at Rosenbaum’s Landscaping & Nursery, we thank you, Sam, for living a good life, and for always keeping us on our toes. You speak truth, work hard, are honest, and we are grateful to have you around. May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family in these many years ahead and may your routine of getting coffee every morning from Hardee’s never change because we will always know exactly where to find you at 5:30am. Happy Birthday, Sam!



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Celebrating 80 Years