We know that not everyone has the budget or desire to create an outdoor living space complete with a patio, pergola, and plants. So, if you’re leaning to be simpler with your landscaping, check out these 5 ways – ranked from cheapest to most expensive—to increase your home’s value and curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Utilize large rocks, or other materials, you already have laying around your property

  • Add texture to your landscape beds by stacking large rocks to create a focal point or use medium rocks to create a border.
  • Add dimension and a weathered feel to your landscape beds by up-cycling an old piece of drift wood into a succulent planter or refurbishing a wooden pallet into a bench.

Paint your front door and add a new welcome mat

  • Choose a paint color or stain that matches the exterior of your home, will live longer than the latest trend, and screams who you are as a home owner.
  • Choose a welcome mat that is personalized for added whimsy or one that is practical and simple. Whatever you decide, just remember, even the smallest details can make the biggest impact.

Plant urns or flower boxes with perennials not annuals

  • If you don’t already own urns or flower boxes, build your own or go bargain hunting to find the perfect addition to your curb appeal.
  • Fill your planter of choice with impactful, filler, and draping perennials to create a well-rounded urn or flower box. Some examples of the different types are below:

Impactful: Astilbe, Geranium, Dwarf Vardar Valley Boxwood, Coneflower, Lavender

Filler: Black Mondo Grass, Bunny Grass, Sage, Foxtail Fern, Coral bell, Liriopi

Draping: St. Johns Wart, Aubrieta, English Ivy, Stonecrop, Hens and Chicks

 Remember, by planting perennials you will be saving money because these plants won’t have to be repurchased the following spring like annuals.

Purchase a few high impact plants and intentionally place them in your landscape

  • Boxwoods are timeless, stay green all year round, and fill out nicely when trimmed properly. If you like the look of a boxwood but need some height in your landscaping, try a Graham Blandy Boxwood or a 3-tiered boxwood!
  • Hydrangeas – both wooded and soft stem— bloom all summer and add vibrancy to any landscaping. Depending on what variety you select will depend on maintenance and growth needs, so make sure to do some research before planting.
  • Small perennials, like Liriopi, Coral bell, Astilbe, and Lavender, are good options if you want to create a plant border or have a smaller landscape bed that needs filled in. These plants will stay between 12-20 inches wide and tall making them the perfect filler perennials.
  • Knockout and Drift roses are a sure-fire way to add a pop of color to your curb appeal but, if you are looking for no-maintenance perennials, these aren’t for you. However, if you can commit to dead-heading these plants once per month, you won’t be disappointed with your selection.
  • Ornamental trees are another great way to make a statement without having to purchase multiple plants. Think about planting it between windows, at the corner of your home, or catty-corner in your yard. These areas of placement will create a focal point, anchor your home, and fill dead space with green space.

Pay for the landscape design but do the work yourself

  • The perk of purchasing a professional landscape design is that you will have a blueprint that tells you were to plant everything and a list of plants that you need to purchase before getting started.
  • The downfall, is that not many landscape companies will only sell you the design. Instead, they might require you to purchase the plants directly from them as well. However, if the landscaping company also owns a retail nursery – like we do—then this is also a perk because of the knowledge sharing that will take place throughout the entire process!

After reading this, we hope you are encouraged to tackle your homes curb appeal projects realizing that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. Any improvements made to your home, will not only increase its value but also enhance the quality of your life. After all, a well-loved home is a peek into your well-loved life.


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