Hmmm… doesn’t that title make you curious; make you wonder what we are looking back on?

To me, this title makes me intentionally see all of the things we have accomplished or not accomplished, the things we struggled with or succeeded in, the things we moved passed or are still stuck on. To me, this title makes me acknowledge all of the little things that seemed meaningless just as a I would willingly celebrate the larger, more prevalent victories.

Looking back over the past year holds great importance if you want to move forward with direction, insight, and positivity.

You have to acknowledge where you’ve been to know where you’re going.

For me, once that is done, it feels as though I can do a clean break from the past year and move ahead with a sense of readiness and confidence.

But before we do a total clean break from 2018, let’s take a look at some of our company’s major stand out moments and how they impacted those around us.

North Square Farmers Market: We participate, on a biweekly basis, in the only open-air market in Chambersburg. We were able to meet the owners of other small businesses and share our love of plants with the downtown community.

Helping an out-of-stater: Through word-of-mouth marketing, we were able to help a client create the perfect space before he arrived in Chambersburg from Alaska. We were honored to work on this project and to make his new house feel like a home. To read more about this project, see our blog post called “Customer Highlight: Anchorage House.”

Making a Mother’s Day: Around Mother’s Day our Operations Manager, Alexander, received a call from a woman who wanted to give her mother a blooming Mother’s Day perennial. The two of them talked over the phone, made a decision, and Alexander delivered the plant right to the mother’s front door!

Hosting a pool party for our crews: In the summer when the sun rises early and sets late, our crews are working 10-12 hour days to get the job done. On the days when it’s too hot to be safe, we like to reward our team for a job well done with pool party’s and pizza. As long as all our projects are up to date, there is always time for a little refresh, right?

Celebrating 20 years at our Retail Nursery: This year marked 20 years of being at our retail nursery located at 3780 Sycamore Grove Road, Chambersburg PA 17202. Back in 1998, Scott and April Rosenbaum had a vision for the 22 acres and to this day are still making that vision a reality. For 2 weeks straight we offered customers 20% off in celebration of our Retail Nursery Anniversary!

Celebrating Christmas: As a company, we took some time to fellowship over lunch and give gifts to show our appreciation for everyone’s efforts. We simply could not have accomplished what we did in 2018 without our crews and our office staff.

You see, without recognizing and sharing your accomplishments – no matter the size – they get overlooked. But to share them makes you understand where you went wrong, what you did right, or how you could have changed for a better outcome. Let’s not dwell on the past but recognize it, because everything that has happened in 2018 has made you who you are today. So, we encourage you to map out 2019 with outstanding goals and embrace what it brings because it could be just what you need.

To see where we are headed in 2019, check out our post called “2019 Company Goals and Resolutions.”

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A Look-back at 2018