In 2018 our crews tackled many projects – projects that ranged from simple and mundane, to unique and one of a kind. The Anchorage house would be classified as the latter and here is why.

But, before jumping into the details, I need to provide insight into why we named this project the Anchorage House.

Well, through word-of-mouth advertising and a high strum of praise from a current client, we received a call from a gentleman in Anchorage Alaska. He was moving to the Chambersburg area for his job and needed his newly purchased, “blank-slate of a house” to be transformed into a home. The design approval process happened through email and 3D design file sharing and the project kicked off even before he arrived in Pennsylvania.

The Anchorage House was a project for the books, not only because of how the process began but also because of its many moving parts. Let’s take a peek at the phases of this project and see the progress made in 2018 – just know, the Anchorage House is not yet complete, and this client is still on our schedule for 2019.

Phase 1: The Inlay Driveway

Inlaying pavers in asphalt is a technique used to enhance paver color making the design standout against the black backdrop of the asphalt. Talk about a statement piece right from the start!


Phase 2: The Entryway and Retaining Walls

The walkways to both the front door and the back patio are hugged by retaining walls that add height to the landscape and usher guests in the right direction.



Phase 3: The Back Patio

At 900 square feet, the back patio of the Anchorage House is an entertainer’s dream. Grab your marshmallows and hot dogs, because it is time for a cookout!


Phase 4: The Lawn and Front Landscape

Although not as apparent as the hardscape, the softscape is just as important because it adds texture and color to the exterior of your home. With the rich greens, bright crimsons, and simple whites, softscape does exactly as it sounds, it softens harsh corners, edges, and shadows around your space.


Now can you see why this project is one of a kind? Our passion is to take a blank slate and turn it into a functional and uniquely crafted space for our clients. We hope that after all the tools are cleaned up, crews are gone, and materials put away that what we build brings people closer to nature and to each other.

Because Part II of the Anchorage House project will be completed in the coming year, another blog will be published revealing the final result of the project complete with before and after photos – so stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

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Project Highlight Part I: The Anchorage House